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Who We Are....

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Alex Sanders


Head Yeti, Guiding Team

UX Team

I grew up in Mexico City and have been involved with the mountaineering community since childhood.  I became a climber / alpinist at age 18 and was a member of Alpine Rescue Team of Mexico City as a Wilderness First Responder for 3 years.
I traveled the world for 4 years climbing and mountaineering in the Alps and the Himalayas. I
love to share my knowledge and experience. I have been a climbing instructor or guide for most of my life and I'm happiest when I am able to witness the joy of others as they discover the mountains.  I speak English, Spanish and Italian.  My certifications are:


SPRAT Level 1 2018-2021
WFR 2018- 2021
AIARE L1 2015
AMGA SPI 2014 - 2021

Email me:

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Wendy Skizas

Director of Operations, Trekking Guide

UX Team Lead

I am native to Colorado but have traveled and lived all across the US most recently in Jackson Hole, WY for 8 years.  I am dedicated to experiencing all the outdoors has to offer in a safe and rewarding way as adventurers but also as respectful stewards of our environment.  I have worked and enjoyed the travel industry as a private flight attendant, a wholesale tour operations specialist, tour guide and group travel coordinator. 


I spend my free time check marking off Colorado's 14ers  but my true-love  in adventure is canyoneering. 


I am Head of User Experience (UX) for our team adventure excursions.  When planning and organizing adventures for a group, I take great care to thoughtfully anticipate the needs of the individual as well as the group.  One should expect to smile, laugh and leave with new friends when they join an adventure that I have planned.

ACE-L1 Technical Canyoneering


CMC Member Boulder Group

Volunteer Assistant Instructor for Navigation School CMC

Email me:

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Lisa Jones

Trekking Guide

UX Team

I am a native Coloradoan and wear the badge proudly.  I love Colorado and have lived here my whole life. I have always loved spending my time exploring the great outdoors!  Whether it be car camping,  bicycling, backpacking, hiking to the top of a mountain, snowshoeing or just kicking back and relaxing watching the sunset, you'll find me smiling.

I have been hiking for over 10 years and have organized & lead over 350 hikes & snowshoes. There's nothing more enjoyable to me than taking a group of people on a journey that they will treasure forever.


I am always up for learning something new, I have recently joined a rock climbing gym and have taken up canyoneering as a hobby and a study.

I am currently a student of Mountain School certifications.

CPR & 1st Aid

CMC Member Boulder Group

On Top of the World

Bruce Felix

Director of Global Amazement, Tesla & Trekking Guide

UX Team

I have keen navigation skills.

And a WFEMT.

I'll pick you up in my Tesla and we'll go hiking.  It'll be cool.

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Our Colorado hiking guides will come up with much more than hiking.  Check out our Special Engagements section today to see what these specialist in unique Colorado tours have planned next for you!

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